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R995Application of building structural adhesive

日期:2022-04-14 13:45:10 点击: 来源:Jiagu|Ralead
R995 It is a one-component, neutral, room temperature curing silicone sealant with high elasticity, high modulus and high strength. Has good adhesion and weathering resistance.

One-component, easy to use,High elasticity, high modulus, high strength,neutral glue, no pollution to the environment, no corrosion to the surface to be adhered,Excellent high and low temperature resistance and weathering resistance,has good adhesion to glass, aluminum, stone, stainless steel and other building materials without primer.

Structural Assembly of Hidden Frame Curtain Wall of Buildings,bonding assembly of lighting panels and metal structures in steel structure workshops,Installation and sealing of wind pressure-resistant glass for automobiles and ships,Products comply with GB16776 ASTM C920.
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