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Application of HY583 lamp glue

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HY583 is specially used for sealing, bonding and potting of LED lamps; HY583 dealcohol is non-corrosive to polycarbonate (PC), copper and other materials.

HY583 lighting glue is a moisture-absorbing curing glue. Once the colloid is opened, the colloid absorbs the moisture in the air, gradually solidifies from the colloid surface to the deep layer, and becomes an elastomer. The higher the temperature and humidity, the faster the cure; the slower the cure at low temperature and low humidity.

HY583 lighting glue can be resistant to fresh water, sewage, waste water, calcium carbonate aqueous solution, detergent, low acid, corrosive aqueous solution, etc. for a long time, short-term resistance to mineral oil, vegetable oil, fat, fuel, organic solvent, paint thinner, high concentration of acid and alkali, etc.
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