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PV junction box potting compound

HY584 silicone potting compound is a two-component, room temperature curing, condensation dealcohol type silicone potting material. Self-leveling, high and low temperature resistance, excellent aging resistance, insulation, moisture resistance and shock resistance. It is specially used for various potting and sealing of solar photovoltaic module junction boxes and inverters.

product description
Product Features
1. Solvent-free, environmentally friendly and low-carbon. 2. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance. 3. It is insulating, moisture-proof and shock-proof. 4. Non-corrosive, fast curing.

 Packaging specification
A component packed in 10kg/barrel. Barrel mouth diameter: 270mm, height 295mm. B component packed in 1kg/plastic bottle.14 bottle/carton. Safety and health
Number of whole pieces: 14 bottle/carton
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