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resinstructural adhesive for stone

This product is a modified toughened epoxy resin adhesive. It has the characteristics of fast curing, weather resistance, aging resistance, and high bonding strength. It is widely used for bonding stone curtain walls, and also bonding many materials such as ceramics, cement, metal, glass etc.

product description

Product Features
1. The proportion of component A/B is 1:1, easy to use .
2. Excellent adhesion ability and aging ability.
3. No pollution of the stone material.
4. Fast curing at room temperature.
Model R955
Kind Modified toughened epoxy resin adhesive
Color Cream
Density (g/cm3) 1.6
Viscosity (Pa.S) Semi-flowing
Applicable period (min) 30-90
Initial curing time (h) 5
Full curing time (d) ≥1
Flexural modulus of elasticity (MPa) ≥2000
Impact strength (KJ/m2) ≥3.0
Shear strength (MPa) ≥10
Classification Double Components Adhesives
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