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HY485 epoxy resin Potting glue

HY485 toughened epoxy adhesive is a two-component, self-leveling, fast curing epoxy resin potting material at room temperature. It has excellent aging resistance, moisture resistance, electrical insulation, elastic shock resistance and high breakdown voltage.

product description

1. Used for electronic components such as transformers, coils, magnetic cores, etc. 2. Bonding and fixing of metals, ceramics, plastics, rubber, glass, fiber products, handicrafts, gems, etc. 3. Various repair potting, etc.

Model HY485T HY485B
Appearance and color Transparent Gray-black
Viscosity (Pa•s, 23℃) 15~50 25~60
Density (g/cm3) 1.05±0.2 1.5±0.2
Volume ratio (A:B) 1:1 1:1
Operation time (min, 23℃) 5 5
Tack-free time (min, 23℃) 10~15 10~15
Shore hardness (S.D) 75~85 75~85
Shear strength (MPa) 15~25 15~25
Elongation (%) 5~20 5~20
Flame retardant grade (UL94) HB 0
Operating temperature range (℃) -50~120 -50~120

Product Features
1. 1:1 ratio, easy to use 2. Solvent-free, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly and low-carbon 3. Fast curing in 10 minutes, non-smoke gel, flexible 4. It has insulation, moisture-proof, anti-vibration and flame-retardant properties.
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