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HY582Transparent dealcoholized electronic component sealant

dealcoholized silicone sealant, RTV-1 sealant, solvent free, non isocyanate curing, anti pollution, green environmental protection, heat resistance and anti aging ability and advantages. It is suitable for mechanical equipment, electronic components and sealing. The product meets the requirements of environmental protection, does not contain harmful substances GB18583< interior decoration materials harmful adhesive substances ", in line with the EU ROHS and REACH environmental standards.

product description

Dealcoholized, transparent, non-corrosive to polycarbonate (PC), copper and other materials, potting of various electronic components.
Technical data
Chemical components:Dealcoholized silicone sealant
Rubber appearance:Translucent paste
Dry time table:5~30min
Curing rate:3.0min after 24h
The tensile shear strength:1.0Mpa
Tensile strength:1.5Mpa
Elongation at break:300%
Tear strength:5KN/m
Hardness:20~40shore A
(25 degrees, 50% relative humidity, curing 7 days measured.)
Packaging specifications
Plastic tube: 310ml / tube, 50 tubes / carton
Plastic cartridge: 2600ml/barrel, 6 cartridges/carton
Plastic bucket: 25kg
Iron bucket: 250kg
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