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High elastic toughness polyurethane potting compound

HY984 polyurethane potting compound: has excellent elasticity and toughness, can be repaired, and has excellent electrical properties.

product description
HY984 condensed epoxy adhesive is a two-component, room temperature curing, adjustable hardness polyurethane material, good fluidity, room temperature curing, after curing into an elastic rubber body. Has excellent high temperature resistance, hydrolytic stability and excellent insulating properties. It has various functions such as fixation, insulation, heat dissipation, explosion-proof and confidentiality for the electrical parts after potting. It is suitable for various casting bonding and sealing of electronic components such as high-voltage, high-frequency, humid and hot environments and underwater instruments and meters. The flame retardant type can reach the UL94 V-0 level.

Application range:
HY984 polyurethane potting compound: has excellent elasticity and toughness, can be repaired, and has excellent electrical properties.

1. If component A is left for a long time, if there is precipitation or stratification, it should be stirred evenly before use; component B is easy to crystallize at low temperature, so it should be placed in a higher temperature room in advance to dissolve, without affecting the performance of the product.
2. The mixed glue should be used up at one time, and the two components A and B should be sealed and stored separately.
3. Sealed and stored in a dry place at low temperature (below 25℃), the storage period is 12 months.
Operation process:

1. Clean up the potting area, free of oil, water and sundries.
2. Weigh components A and B according to the ratio, put them into the mixing tank, and mix them thoroughly (do not stir air into the glue during stirring). It is best to vacuum and defoaming for about 5 minutes, and the amount of glue should not exceed 1/2 of the container, otherwise the glue will overflow during defoaming.
3. Slowly pour the mixed compound into the device to be potted. In winter construction work, if the ambient temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is best to preheat components A and B to about 15 ℃.
4. The potted workpiece is cured at room temperature, and it can enter the next process after the surface is dry. It takes 1~2 days for complete curing. In summer, when the temperature is high, the curing will be faster; in winter, when the temperature is low, the curing will be slower.

Packaging Specifications:
(1) 30KG/set. (A component 25KG + B component 5KG, used together as a set.)
(2) Customized according to customer requirements (this specification requires inquiry and customer service!)
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