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What's the Application of HY985 Polyurethane Adhesive?

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HY985 is a polyurethane adhesive that reacts with a curing agent at room temperature to form a rubber elastic body after curing.It is used for bonding wood, leather, fabric, paper, cement, concrete, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. 

What's the advantages of HY985 polyurethane adhesive? 
1. Solvent-free, environmentally friendly and low-carbon.
2. It has permanent flexibility.
3. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance.
4. Good acid and alkali resistance.
5. Suitable for bonding a variety of materials.
6. Uniform adhesive layer and good adhesion. No bubbling.
7. Non-corrosive.

What's the Application of HY985?
It is suitable for bonding the floor leather of trains, buses, automobiles, vehicles, machinery and equipment to the floor of the carriages.

It is suitable for the insulation and decoration integrated board industry: 
such as the bonding of Sandwich Panel,Insulation Panel,inorganic boards, aluminum honeycomb panels, glass steel and various insulation materials. It has good adhesion to the surface of metal, wood, plastic and hard foam materials.

It could used For the production and assembly of filter.

HY985 polyurethane adhesive Instructions
Preliminary preparation
The surface of the board should be clean and dry (the moisture content of the wood is ≤16%), and the surface of the aluminum board should be polished without oil and dust.

Mixed glue
Add the curing accelerator to the sealant material compound in proportion (5:1), stir evenly, and the color is consistent.
The mixed glue should be used up within 30 minutes.

Gluing and construction
Pour the mixed glue on the board, and use a scraper to evenly scrape the glue, so that the glue is evenly coated and does not leak; or the glue machine is evenly coated. The best coating amount is 200~300g/m2.
After the glue is applied, cover the other side with the sticky material, and pay attention to venting the air between the two bonding surfaces, so as to be smooth and without waves.

Rolling curing
Use iron rollers to roll from the middle to the edges one to two times to ensure that there is no air in the bonding surface and 100% compaction and adhesion. And compact with heavy objects.
Do not engage in the next process within 12 hours, and do not soak or tear within 24 hours. If you are engaged in the next process, you must protect it.

Matters Needing Attention
1. Avoid construction in a humid environment below 15°C and humidity greater than 90%.
2. Please apply glue in a ventilated environment.
3. If the product is stored for a long time, there will be stratification, just stir evenly before use.
4. For special chemical reactions, please contact our technical department

Storage Method
Store in an environment of 10~27℃, the maximum temperature cannot be higher than 27℃.

Safety and Health
985 products are non-toxic and the same as general chemicals, and cannot be in contact with food or food utensils. It is recommended to maintain adequate ventilation in the working environment. If it gets into the eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with water. Store it in a safe place away from children.
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