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Prefabricated building sealant

R931 silane modified sealant special for prefabricated construction is a one-component neutral curing sealant product with a displacement capacity of 25. This product has good adhesion to cement, concrete, stone and other building materials, and has a low modulus, Good flexibility, environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, can be widely used in prefabricated building exterior walls, balconies and indoor joint sealing and other fields.

product description

1. Single-component packaging, easy to use, and good extrudability within the usual construction temperature range;
2. No primer is required, it is chemically compatible with concrete, and has a firm chemical bond to concrete;
3. Excellent aging resistance, will not be damaged by sunlight, rain, snow, ultraviolet rays, and ozone; excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, and the cured adhesive strip has excellent performance at -40°C to 120°C;
4. High displacement ability: With the expansion and shear deformation of the concrete joints, the colloid itself will not be destroyed;
5. Low modulus: low stress generated during passive deformation to ensure that the concrete surface is not damaged;
6. High elastic recovery ability: It can reciprocate and follow the seam movement, fast response, quick recovery, and small permanent deformation.
Model R931
Main composition Modified Silane
Appearance Gray paste
Sag(mm) 0
Extrudability (ml/min) 260
Tack-free time (min) 40
Elongation at break (%) 900
Tensile strength (Mpa) ≥1.0
Elastic recovery rate (%) ≥80
Tensile modulus (MPa) ≤0.4
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