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Insulating glass sealant

This product is silicone sealant with two-component, neutral temperature curing. It has excellent weather resistant tolerance, adjustable curing time, curing fast in deep layer. It has good adhesion to most building materials such as glass and aluminum.

product description

Main Application
1. Suitable for hollow glass sealed second seals in buildings, transportation, refrigeration and other industries.
2. Many various other uses.
Item Technical Index
Appearance Fine and smooth, uniform paste, no bubbles, lumps, gels, crusts, and no precipitates that are difficult to disperse
Sag Vertical placement (mm) ≤3
Horizontal placement Without deformation
Surface drying time (h) ≤2
Hardness (Shore A) 30~60
Tensile modulus (Mpa) ≥0.6
Tensile properties at maintained extension (fixed elongation 25%) No damage
Thermal aging Thermal weight loss (%) ≤6.0
Cracked None
Chalking None
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