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R999fire barrier water tight sealant

This product is a one-component, neutral curing, high-elasticity sealant. It has the dual functions of fire-retardant and weather-resistant bonding and sealing. It has excellent weathering resistance and good bonding performance.

product description

bonding and sealing of all kinds of fireproof doors and windows
1. fire-retardant sealing of each layer of the curtain wall project
2. Waterproof, moisture-proof, decorative and other flame-retardant seals in public places
3. Flame-retardant sealing of industrial and electronic products
Product Features
1. Environmental friendly
2. Excellent fire proof ability and aging resistant
3. Neutral sealant, non-primer 4. Non-corrosive, fast curing.
Model R999
Brand Ralead
Sealant type silicone
Feature Fire proof
Color Black, white, gray, etc.
Component Single
Shelf life in months (From date of manufacture) 9
Tack-free Time (h) ≤1
Work time (min)  10~20
Elastic recovery rate (%) ≥90
SAG(mm) ≤1
Hardness (Shore A) 20~60
Tensile bond strength (MPa) ≥0.80

Packaging specification
Plastic hard(cartridge) packing 300ml/pcs, 24pcs/carton
Aluminum film(sausage) packaging 590ml/pcs, 20pcs/carton
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