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HY939Modification silicon electronic sealants

is a non-sagging type, and HY939L is a self-leveling type, divided into one-component and two-component neutral curing, and the two-component ratio is 1:1. Modified silane sealant specially designed for long-term weather-resistant sealing in industrial fields such as electronic components and mechanical equipment manufacturing. It has low modulus and high displacement characteristics and is suitable for large displacements of joints.

product description

Technical Parameters
Main chemical composition Modified Silane
Model No. HY939 R939L
Appearance Gray paste Gray semi-leveling
Sag (mm) 0 /
Extrudability (ml/min) 200 400
Surface drying time (min) 30 30
Elongation at break(%) 700 800
Tensile strength (MPa) ≥0.7
Elastic recovery rate(%) ≥70
Tensile modulus(MPa) ≤0.4
Fixed-stretch cohesiveness No damage
Adhesion after cold drawing-hot pressing, water immersion and heat treatment No damage

Heat aging
Thermal weight loss (%) ≤3
Cracking, chalking No.

Packaging specification
Single-component plastic barrel: 2600ml/barrel, 4 barrel /carton, carton size: 260*260*310mm
Two-component plastic tube: 300ml/tube, 25 tube/carton, carton size: 305*205*245mm
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