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Insulating Glass Sealant Application Introduction

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Insulating Glass Sealant with two-component, neutral rubber, room temperature curing, high elasticity, high modulus. It has good adhesion and weathering resistance, and the curing speed can be adjusted.To store in a cool,ventilated and dry place below 27°C. The storage period is 9 months.
Two components
Insulating Glass Sealant
Has the following advantages Advantage
1. Neutral sealant, no pollution to the environment.
2. High elasticity, high modulus, high strength.
3. Excellent resistance to high and low temperature and weathering resistance.
4. Fast curing, no corrosion to the surface to be adhered.
5. Does not need primer, it has good adhesion to most building materials.

Main Application is structural assembly of hidden frame Insulating glass curtain wall.

How to use 
Two components Insulating Glass Sealant?
The A component and B component are supplied as a set with a mass ratio of 12:1.
Vat: A component 190L iron drum, inner diameter (567+2) mm
B component 19L plastic bucket inner diameter (285+2) mm
Middle barrel: 20L plastic barrel for component A and 300ml plastic barrel for component B

Mixed process: R881 should be mixed in a closed mixed glue machine system. The mass ratio of component A and component B is A: B = 11 to 14: 1. The user can change the mixing ratio to adjust the curing speed according to the actual needs.

Insulating glass automatic sealing machine and effect display!

Matters Needing Attention
1. For the surface of porous materials, there is no need to apply primer to have good adhesion. For some material surfaces, primers are required to ensure good adhesion. It is recommended to do adhesion test before starting work and refer to this Company technical information.
2. If it gets into eyes accidentally, rinse with water immediately.
3. Do not keep in contact with the skin for a long time, and avoid contact with children.
4. Do not contaminate food, drugs, etc.
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