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Concrete Joint Waterproofing Polyurethane Sealant Application

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R930/931 Concrete joint waterproofing polyurethane sealant
It's Polyurethane Polymer Sealant special for prefabricated construction is a one-component neutral curing sealant product,It has good adhesion to cement, concrete, stone and other building materials, and has a low modulus, Good flexibility ,environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics for displacement of concrete joints.

Product Features
1. Single component packaging, easy to use, in the normal range of construction temperature, good extrusion;
2. Excellent adhesiveness, excellent adhesiveness to concrete, stone, steel and other building materials;
3. Excellent aging resistance, not damaged by sunlight, rain, snow, UV and ozone; excellent high and low temperature resistance, excellent performance of cured adhesive strip at - 40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃;
4. High displacement capacity: with the expansion and shear deformation of the concrete joint, the colloid itself will not be damaged, and good bonding and sealing performance will be maintained;
5. Low modulus: low stress produced by passive deformation to ensure that the concrete surface is not damaged;
6. High elastic recovery ability: it can reciprocally follow the movement of joint, with fast response, fast recovery and small permanent deformation.
7. Environmental protection products: ultra-low VOC, non-toxic and tasteless, no pollution and corrosion to the substrate;
8. Good finishing performance: the surface can be painted, which can better solve the problems of mortar and real stone paint for rubber surface decoration.

R930 is specially designed for long-term weather-resistant sealing of expansion joints, shrinkage joints, and longitudinal joints of airport runways, highways, tunnels, bridges and other concrete or asphalt pavements.

R931 has good adhesion to cement, concrete, stone and other building materials, and has a low modulus, Good flexibility, environmental protection and pollution-free characteristics, can be widely used in prefabricated building exterior walls, balconies and indoor joint sealing and other fields.

Matters Needing Attention
1. Avoid construction under temperature 5℃ and humidity less than 20%.
2. The glue should avoid contact with eyes and skin. In case of contact, please rinse with clean water and consult a doctor if necessary.
3. In order to keep the construction surface clean and beautiful, stick protective tape and masking paper on both sides of the construction surface.
4. The thickness of the caulking glue should be in the range of 6~13mm, and the ratio of the width to the thickness of the caulking glue should be about 2:1.
5. Maintain for 24 hours after construction to avoid contact with rainwater, chemicals and other substances.
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