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What's HY422 water-based spray adhesive glue?

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What's water-based spray adhesive glue?
What is application of spray adhesive?
How to use it?

HY422 is a highly efficient water-soluble adhesive with non-toxic and non-toxic properties.Burning, green and environmental protection, long opening time, fast drying speed,Excellent initial viscosity, excellent heat resistance and anti-aging ability point. High-grade upholstered furniture, automobile Manufacture of interior parts on the vehicle assembly line, which can be glued on one side bonding.

This product meets environmental protection requirements; does not contain GB18583 "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Adhesives for Interior Decoration Materials" Hazardous substances in
50g/L, in line with European ROHS and REACH environmental protection standards.

HY422 Application
It is used in thick leather, imitation leather, regenerated leather, cloth,Wood, foam, sponge, foam, slow rebound sponge and other materials bonding between materials.

HY422 Instructions
1. Ensure that the construction site is well ventilated.
2. The surface of the material should be free of oil stains, dust, impurities, etc.
3. Two-component glue should use a two-component spray gun, and the AB component is adjusted by the regulating valve. It is strictly forbidden to pour the curing agent into the rubber compound.
4. One-component spray glue can be brushed or sprayed with a special spray gun.
5. Double-sided spraying;
6. The distance between the nozzle and the material surface is about 0.2 meters;
7. The nozzle and the surface of the material are about 45 degrees;
8. Debug the spray gun, the spray effect is preferably linear mist;
9. The spray gun should move smoothly during spraying, and the sprayed glue layer should be uniform in thickness, without glue accumulation or lack of glue.

Bonding Requirements
1. After evenly spraying, it usually fits within 0-6 minutes
(depending on construction temperature and humidity).
2. Appropriate pressure should be applied after bonding, and the pressure should be comprehensive and uniform.

One-component: 10 KG / barrel; Two-component: 21 KG / set

Storage method
Store in a low temperature environment of 5 to 23 °C, and the minimum temperature cannot be lower than -5 °C. Shelf life 6 months.
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