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HY598 RTV silicone gasket maker sealant Application

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The gap seal between the planes usually uses a solid gasket. Due to the roughness of the plane processing and the influence of the tool marks, it is uneven in the microscopic view. It is impossible for the solid liner to 100% fit the processing surface. The solid liner is aging due to temperature, medium, and mechanical force, causing looseness and leakage.

Huayu series of plane sealants are single-component glues with good medium resistance, no shrinkage during curing, 100% full gaps, flexibility and shock resistance, and no leakage or leakage after long-term use.So we strongly recommend to use our HY598!

HY598 is the black version of gasket maker and is especially ideal for sealing rigid and flanges surfaces with  sealing joints.It's resistant to gasoline and diesel fuels, biodiesel, oils, greases, lubricants, water, seawater, sunlight and ozone,especially high-temperature resistance from -50 °C to +300 °C (short-term peak temperature).

HY598 Gasket Maker Features
  • Excellent positioning,
  • Can be processed on vertical and overhead surfaces,
  • Prevents corrosion of sealing surfaces,
  • No marking required,Low-odor,High-temperature resistance from -60 °C to +300 °C (short-term peak temperature),
  • Excellent positioning,withstand the high pressure and extreme temperature.
  • resistant to high pressures, extreme temperature and vibrations.
  • resistant to the chemicals such as fuel, coolant, products of combustion and engine oil.
What's the Application of HY598?
1.Between the cylinder head and the cylinder block
2.Between crankcase and oil pan
3.In the cylinder block and manifold

What's the operation process of HY598?
1. First, remove the impurities on the sealing surface, and clean the mating surface
2. Apply the sealant on one of the sealing surfaces to form a closed rubber ring, and apply glue around the bolt holes
3. Within 20 minutes after applying glue, align and close the assembly, wipe off the excess glue, and seal the smaller pressure immediately.
4. If you need to adjust the gap and add gaskets, you should apply glue on both sides of the gasket at the same time, and then assemble.
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