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Applications of epoxy ​​​​​​​slate adhesive

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Slate adhesive is a high-quality special glue specially customized for slate. It is widely used in the splicing and bonding of various slates. The color of the glue perfectly matches the slate.

Slate adhesive has excellent anti-yellowing ability, high colloid hardness, small shrinkage, strong adhesion, moderate curing time, easy operation, glossy colloid after grinding, no yellowing, no depression, excellent performance and stable quality.

What's the application of epoxy slate adhesive?
 1. bonding and fixing of slate countertops
 2. slate splicing
 3. 45 degree bonding of slate,
 4. slate stairs,
 5. slate background wall,
 6. marble or granite furniture
 7. metal&glass, wood&metal.

Curing time
The curing time of slate glue (generally specified time) is divided into 15-120 minutes. Different models, such as 50ml and 400ml, can be set in 15-20 minutes (you can release the set clip), while the barreled slate glue can be set in 15-20 minutes. The setting time is generally 120 minutes. In winter, the temperature is low and the time will be longer. When splicing the facade or 45 degrees, the master workers generally prefer to use the two-component tube to install the slate glue, because of its convenience and high construction efficiency. Considering the cost of materials, it is more affordable to use barreled slate glue.
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